Souls Added To The Kingdom...

UPDATE: We ask for your continued prayers on behalf of Cy Stafford. The following was provided yesterday from Stephanie: Cy has an upper GI bleed that doctors cannot locate. He is not doing well and they are re-intubating him. He has some kind of infection and they are not sure where it is or what it is - they have given him the strongest antibiotic they have to try and combat it. Please remember Cy and Stephanie during this difficult time.

Students continue to make their way through the quarter in Denver. Recently, Robert Olgesby and Robert Taylor, with the Waterview congregation, visited Bear Valley for a ministry seminar to prepare students for the various challenges faced in ministry. These men visit every year and provide excellent training to assist students in understanding a powerful approach to ministry.

News from various extension locations encourages all who read regarding the power of God, as He continually gives the increase. Each report shares the joy of souls added to the kingdom and others restored. These students not only learn the depths of God’s word while in school, they also receive practical experience by participating in weekend evangelism. Reading through the reports received this week indicates the growth occurring with these men.

The direction for the months ahead promises continued progress through in-depth studies of the Bible and practical application for serving in the kingdom. Continue to pray for the efforts of Bear Valley, both in Denver and all the extension locations around the world.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Jerry Bates can be read by clicking here

Extension Reports

Adverse Circumstances Do Not Prevent The Gospel From Spreading: Reading the report from Wotutu, Cameroon indicates some of the difficulties staff and students face in evangelism.

Plans To Establish A New Congregation In 2016: As students work in the classroom, they actively pursue planting the Lord’s church in new locations near Mbanga, Cameroon.

Healing Hands International Update On The Work In Nigeria: While students learn God’s word and practice preaching, HHI helps students learn how to sustain themselves in ministry.

Preparing Students With Practical Preaching Experience In Nigeria: Students in Nigeria get involved in homiletics exercises to increase their ability to preach the gospel.

The Activities In Togo Continue To Show Growth: Within the classroom and the practical evangelistic efforts of students in Togo demonstrates the growth occurring.

New Class Begins The Journey At The Chimala Bible Institute: The Chimala Bible Institute is set to begin studies for a new class of students and the enthusiasm is contagious.

The Work Of Students Over The Christmas Break Bears Fruit: Once students returned to classes in Kenya, news of their outreach is encouraging as God gave the increase.

Relief Efforts Continue In Nepal Eight Months After The Earthquake: This week’s report shares updated information concerning the results of relief efforts in Nepal.

Master’s Classes Begin And The Undergrad Students Return To ACSOP: Students are active in Arusha, Tanzania as graduates grow in education and undergrads move forward in their studies.

Final Thoughts
As you read the final thoughts for this week’s report, please know how thankful we are for all you do to make this program successful. We are aware of how vital every encourager, teacher, director, coordinator, and supporter is to the program. There is much work that goes unnoticed and unrecognized. Please know we appreciate each one of you. You are a blessing in every way to the program.

God bless

Posted on January 24, 2016 .