Furlough Brings USA Visit, But The Work Is Growing In Paraguay...

For Andrea and myself, April spells F-U-R-L-O-U-G-H. Every year, about this same time, we return to the USA to visit our families and report to our supporting congregations. We always love getting to visit our brethren and we started out this year in West Palm Beach, FL and will be traveling to visit everyone over the next several weeks. We are looking forward to seeing all of you! God bless!

Another precious soul was added to the Lord's Kingdom this past month. Sammy Ortiz obeyed the Gospel call and was baptized into the Lord's body! He is the son of our sister Christ, Mabel Ortiz. Sammy responded to the invitation because he heard a preacher say, "Today is the day of salvation!" So, after studying a little more with some of our brethren, it was determined that he understood and was ready to make the most important decision of his life. Praise God!

Baptism! Nicholas Osorio is the 23 year old cousin of our sister in Christ, Natty Osorio (who is also a Bible Academy student). He had been observing how she lived her life as a Christian and then began asking questions. Natty taught him the Gospel and then some other brethren studied with Nicholas which led to his decision to put on Christ in baptism! He lives in Ñemby and will be worshiping with the brethren there.

The “Beta Class" is off to a great start with their studies and doing quite well! We had a guest teacher, Enrique Morales, from the Brown Trail School of Preaching this month who taught via the Video Conference System. The students reported the class was "outstanding" which is always good to hear! Also, brother Ike Yegros taught a class on Fundamentals this past month.

If you would like to watch, here is a video of our mission report from our first furlough stop at Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ, April 19th, click here

- Troy and Andrea

Posted on May 3, 2015 .