When Part Of Our Physical Family Becomes Part Of The Spiritual Family...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings to you and family in the name of Jesus Christ. We are doing better, even though many are sick here. It may be because of the climate change  moving from the dry season to the rainy season. We do hope your family is doing fine. You are in our prayers.

Last week was good to students in BVBIC - Wotutu because they received their very first quarter results which gave them ample opportunity to assess themselves and their growth on paper. We are encouraging those who are weak and we know they will make it as they work harder. Keep praying for them.

Our students continue to do their practical and grow. The Wotutu congregation continues to give students opportunities to preach and teach and also do house-to-house evangelism every Saturday for those who will not travel out for weekend evangelism. Brother Mendel spoke during today’s worship.

Brother Otte Daniel did a good job preaching today. Keep the students in your prayers, so that before the two years are over they have grown well.

The Wotutu congregation continues to be blessed with new born babies. Today was the turn of sister Bernice and husband, as they brought their little boy, Gene, for prayers. Keep them in your prayers to bring forth this son in the fear of God.

This weekend was another weekend full with joy as I saw another graduate, evangelist Orock Yanick, getting married. It was awesome for me to be part of the life making event. In Mamfe, sister Mabel was very happy to be part of the ever growing BVBIC - Wotutu family. She is eager and interested to travel to Wotutu to study during the preacher’s wives class which will come up, the first of its kind, in few weeks, or next month as long as we have resources put place.

It was a time for us to meet with the Alpha and Beta batch of students. Our family is growing.

One brother started studying with me; he is my cousin. Since October 2014. He argued a lot about his denomination, but today he accepted the gospel and was ready to make a confession of the sonship of Christ. Keep brother Romanus Botekela in your prayers, so that he will teach the gospel to his wife.

He was buried with Christ so as to live a new life. Keep brother Romanus in your prayers. One individual, who stood by the side of the river was surprised and asked a lot of questions. We are already studying with him now.

We are making more effort to teach music to our students because music will help many of them in congregations. We want to make sure our students are complete before they leave school.

Students returned from mission work and congregations continue to send letters of appreciations. Weekend evangelism is doing a lot of good for the church in recent times.

Our young convert, Dorothy, was not a part of worship today because her parents soaked all of her clothes in water early this morning. She said if that is the case, she will still not attend Roman Catholic church. She was in tears, “what shall we do now?” They are ready to throw her out of the house. If it were here in Wotutu, we could give her accommodation. The Menji congregation is made up of young converts. Oh God, help your daughter.

Another Macedonian call is ringing bells to my office for evangelism in Idenau, so as to establish a new congregation. This will be the second congregation on the west coast of Cameroon. We shall go there for a survey. Keep praying for us.

God bless you. We thank you for all that you are doing. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Please pray for me as I wish to travel to Ghana for a visit to some Bible colleges and orphanages to add to our learning.

Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of BVBIC - Wotutu

Posted on April 12, 2015 .