Rains Bring Amazing Changes To The Work In Tanzania...

I hope that you are doing well. We, too, are doing well here in Tanzania. Just a couple of months ago the land here was so dry that you could not see any green leaves on the branches of trees. But an amazing rain rained for the last three days and made everything look different. The soil turned to black and the trees are starting to bring forth new green leaves. This is a great blessing that God granted the locality of this part of the World. 

Also, this week brother Cy and sister Stephanie arrived back to their home away from home. We were so glad to see them come back safely to increase the effort in the Lord’s field.  This couple has been a great tool in the work of the Lord here in Tanzania and east Africa in general. They have been supporting the work of the Lord spiritually, physically, and financially. There is no way we can talk about the church in Arusha and the ACSOP without mentioning Cy and his family.

At the end of last week Daniel Gaines went to Kenya to teach a short-course on Marriage and Family at the Kenya School of Preaching. Also, Charles Heberth will go to Kenya at the end of this week to teach a short-course on the book of James in the same school. We wish them the best for the great task they offered themselves to do for the cause of the Lord.

Back to ACSOP, things are going well, as usual. Last week the first and second year students completed their fourth quarter. Thereafter, they moved into their short-courses. The first year had a short course on Personal Evangelism taught by Godfrey Mngoma. And the second year students had one on the book of Hebrews taught by Charles Heberth. Both classes are expected to have two more short-courses next week before the graduation for the second year students on November 28, 2015. 

We hope you have a blessed week. Thank you for caring for souls in Tanzania and for us as we labor here.

Your fellow worker in the Kingdom,

Losotwa Michael,
Dean of Academics, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school
Arusha, TZ

Posted on November 22, 2015 .