God Is Blessing His Mission In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Workers,

We stand amazed as to the greatness of our God, His love for all mankind, His grace manifested through His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ. What God can do through His faithful can only be understood when seen through eyes of genuine Christian faith. I want to show in brief some of what God is doing through His faithful:

Michael Losotwa (ACSOP graduate, evangelist for the Kisongo congregation, member of our Translation team, and also serving as instructor and Dean of Academics for the ACSOP): “On 6th October, 2014 the ACSOP will be in the 4th quarter for the Swahili stream of students while the English stream will begin their final semester. All of the English students are expecting to graduate on the 29th of November this year. 

I have been receiving calls from Daniel Kazungu, the preacher from the new church in Magu, Mwanza. According to his report the church is growing tremendously there. Each Sunday 60 to 70 people meet for the regular worship services. The congregation is only 7 months old. 

This story could not have been mentioned were it not for the effort of that young man who is a former graduate of ACSOP.” 

Charles Heberth (ACSOP graduate, evangelist for the Kwa Mrombo congregation, Translation Team Leader, instructor and assistant director of the ACSOP): “This past week the Lord taught me a lesson as I was conducting door-to-door evangelism. I knocked a door where a Muslim lady opened it. At first I was not sure if she would even invite me into her house since I introduced myself as a member of the Lord’s church. What a big surprise when she said, “welcome.” I was a little scared when she said, “let me call my husband and let him know what we are doing because he is on his way here.” We studied for about 20 minutes and then the husband arrived. The man was happy to see me in his house. He sat down and we continued the study. At the end of the class, I was surprised to hear them invite me back for another study. I returned a few days later, and since we are serving the righteous God who promised to give the increase, I am happy to report that the lady is now our sister in Christ. Her name is Sarah and her husband’s name is Abdul. I am still studying with both of them. Abdul has been quite busy this last week but with your prayers, God will grant him more time to study and continue to see the truth.

Odwori Stephen (student at the ACSOP) wrote: “How wonderful it has been today at the Kisongo congregation, we now have two new sisters in Christ.

Emmanuel Peter (graduate of the ACSOP and current evangelist for the Njiro congregation, here in Arusha): “Today has been a wonderful day for us. We had over 40 souls in worship and three precious souls were added to the flock of God, immersed in baptism.”

Gaudance (evangelist for the Ngurdoto congregation); “We thank God for the seven new souls. We now have between 50-60 for each Lord’s day. Our big problem, we have not enough sitting. Please can you help us with six benches at 20,000/- ea. (total - $75).”

Yes, our God is blessing His mission effort greatly here in Tanzania, through your prayers and support. Thank you all so very much. Till all have heard... 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on September 14, 2014 .