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Greetings Fellow Servants,

Let me begin with the end. I just got back to the house from the ACSOP, where I witnessed a young married man put Christ on in baptism. Daniel has been studying with this new brother for several months. What a perfect way to end the day. We thank you for caring enough to pray and support God’s work here in Tanzania. Your caring has aided in the salvation of this new brother. 

Field Reports: 
Our good brother Jackson who serves as the minister and evangelist for the Manyire congregation (a church plant of the Usa River congregation) visited our home this week and gave a good report on the work where he serves. The Lord has added 7 souls to the Kingdom over the past two months. The community Health Officer paid them a visit this past week and issued a two week notice to begin work on a Choo (outdoor restroom), now that’s not something you have happen every day!

Yusuph Mdaki: “A 7 Year Report” - “On April 2007 I arrived at Ushirombo with my family and started this work. We have planted 13 congregations, 3 not doing well because of the lack of preachers. More than 800 souls have obeyed. Six bothers have joined the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, one brother is now in the school. Our greatest challenges: 1. Permanent places of worship. 2. A lack of preachers. Our great blessing, you our fellow Christians praying and supporting God’s work here in Tanzania.”

Maurice Gasper: “We are doing good here at Njiro Chini, after 16 souls have been baptized during last campaign. Last week we had another soul baptized named Samweli. Let’s keep praying.”

Raymond (Uganda): “After more than one year of studies, a pentecostal preacher was baptized and added to the true Kingdom of God, by God Himself.”

A special plea for our good brother Clement. Clement is the evangelist serving the Karatu congregation (the last township before your get to the Ngorogoro Conservation area) is a widower with seven children. His wife passed away giving birth to their last born. Clement has managed to cover all schools fees except for his son Jefthah. In order for him to return to school he needs $250 for the year. If anyone sees fit to help this faithful brother, we would be very grateful. 

We thank our God for all His is doing here in East Africa. We thank each of you for your part in this grand mission effort of the Lord. Till all have heard...

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on July 6, 2014 .