An Appeal From The Church In Paraguay...

To our dear brethren in Christ,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We send greetings from the brethren here in Paraguay, South America! Our purpose for writing this letter to you is an appeal for help. We would like to ask you to please temporarily partner with us in the good work that is taking place in this part of the world.

The church in Paraguay is growing and maturing! In a country of seven million people, there are now about 200 Christians between three congregations. The fields are, indeed, white unto harvest. Every day, more Paraguayans are hearing God's word being proclaimed, obeying the Gospel, and growing stronger in the faith. Our congregation, the Avenida Sacramento church of Christ, is actively involved in many evangelistic, benevolent, and edification works. For example, we recently planted a new congregation in a nearby suburb and then took on the support of our own missionary in order to assist that work. We also began a full time Bible Academy which is now training faithful brethren to be better disciples in preaching, teaching, and serving in the kingdom of God. Our goal is to preach and teach the Gospel to everyone possible, praying that it will lead to the planting of more congregations in and around AsunciĆ³n, as well as, other major cities across Paraguay.

Our appeal to you is this, we would like to ask you to partner with us in funding scholarships for students that desire to attend the AsunciĆ³n Bible Academy. We are currently providing the facilities for the school, a few dormitories for the students, all the utilities, and several of the teachers from among our own brethren for the classes. The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and a few local American missionaries are assisting us by providing teachers and other resources. Our need arises due to a higher than expected influx of students for the next class (2015-2017). What a great problem to have! Currently, we do not have the funding to provide scholarships for all of them. At the same, we don't want to miss the opportunity to develop more leaders that could help the kingdom grow, if help is somehow available. The scholarship is $300.00 a month for the two years they attend the school. It is sufficient to provide for their basic needs so that they may completely focus on their studies in a full-time capacity (8:00 am to 5:30 pm, M-F) during their tenure at the Academy.

Brethren, if you can assist us with any amount, we would be very grateful. You may contact us through our brother, Luis Yegros, (who speaks English and is our church treasurer) at Or, you may contact our stateside financial administrator, the Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ at 561-848-1111. More information is available at the website listed below. Thank you for your consideration. God bless!

Your brethren in Christ, in Paraguay,
Ike Yegros and Pedro Vera

Posted on April 27, 2014 .