Richard Renfro Visits SWSE In Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from Nigeria! The three month internal lectureship at the Onikokoro / Gbnongudu congregation centered on “Worship of the NT Church” came to an end on the Lord's day of April 6th, 2014. I taught on “Attending the Assemblies,” while brother Okon S. Udoh admonished the saints from Psalm 1. We are 56 in attendance with a total collection of N2,600=

The students of the SWSE-Ibadan main campus continue their active service in the Lord's kingdom on the Lord's day of April 6, 2014 in their respective congregations.

Brother Godwin Ede (SWSE- year 1) taught on “Worship in Song” at the Wasinmi congregation, Osun state. Brother Ilori Gbenga (year 1 student) also taught on “The Narrow Way” at the Egbeda-Ibadan congregation. Brother Olorode Samuel Oluwafemi (year 1 student) taught on Sunday at the Bale-Ayo congregation, Osun state on “The NT Church.” Brother Akinade Oluwaseun Akinleye (year 1 student) also taught an expository lesson from Ephesians chapter 1 at the Jago congregation, Ona-Ara L. G. Oyo state. Brother Shotola Emmanuel Olusegun (year 1 student) taught at the campus church on “The Epistle of James chapter 1,” while brother Festus Ayoo admonished the campus church from Gal. 5:16-23.

The year 2 students, such as brother Lawrence Abiodun, brother Faleye Joseph, brother Adeniji Joseph, brother Adeyehun Raphael and brother Adekunle Olanrewaju also participated actively in the service of April 6, 2014 at their respective congregations where they are serving as evangelists.

Brethren, the SWSE-Ibadan main campus started their 3rd semester examinations on Friday, April 4th and it will end on April 11, 2014, Lord's willing before the students embark on their vocational studies for three weeks and the 4th semester classes will commence on May 19, 2014.

Brethren, we thank you all for your partnership and we pray the Lord will continue blessing our joint efforts in Christ name, Amen.

The school will host another missionary this afternoon in the person of brother Richard L. Renfro of Mission Printing, USA.

We thank you all for your love and care. Stay blessed.

Sincerely His & yours,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of studies)
Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan & Lagos satellite campus, Nigeria

Posted on April 13, 2014 .