An Entire Denomination Registering For Bible Study...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

We pray everyday for all of our friends and supporters, making God’s mission work in Tanzania all it has become. Over the years, many of your have come and joined us in our outreach and edification of the good people of TZ. We have had many missionaries come, work, and return to their home land of America. I am a firm believer that each and every soul that has come has done some good in the lives of the good people of TZ. We say thank you for going the extra mile, leaving the comfort of your home and country, coming and making an eternal difference in the lives of many.

Our perfect example, Jesus Christ, made it very clear to His disciples, giving each of us an example to follow: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, …..” (Matthew 28:19a-KJV); notice He never said, “Stay.” Now, you might be asking yourself, “what do you mean?” Remember what Jesus told his disciples earlier in Matthew’s account, “…whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet” (10:14).

As good Stewards of God’s resources, should we not consider the receptivity of the people as to where we “stay?” Tanzania is not one of those “places” where the general population is not receptive to the hearing of the Gospel. On the contrary! Last week a fellow came up to the Arusha Bible School introducing himself as “Reverend Nicolaus Shayo.” He inquired as to what the school was doing and how might “his congregation” be involved. After it was explained that anyone could come, tuition free, and study the Bible four days a week for two years at no cost to them, he said, “I want my whole congregation to join.” He took applications for each member and some have already joined the new intake. Yes, this is a good place to entrust the blessings God has bestowed upon you, to His glory and to the saving of many souls.

God is indeed good. Yusuph Mdaki writes, “Hello brother, God has added two souls at Ushiromobo and at Kahama we have a promise of one baptism on Tuesday or Wednesday from a denominational Preacher.”

David Bayi writes, “We had a good worship today, one who was backsliding was restored, thanks be to our living and most Holy God.”

Stephanie and I thank our good church family for all your prayers, support, kindness and what you mean to us. Our plane tickets are covered thanks to our good friends in TN & AL. So far we have appointments at Sherman Drive, Denton, TX, Edgefild, Dallas, TX, Henderson, TX, North Brandon and at Madison, Jackson, MS, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii. We still have some openings, so let us know soon as we will book out quickly. If the Lord wills, we will leave TZ next Sunday, arriving in New Orleans late on the night of the 17th. We solicit your prayers and thank God for each of you. Till all have heard…..

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on February 9, 2014 .