Church Building Collapses, Help Is Needed...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

We thank you for all you mean to the Kingdom and to the Tanzania 2000 Mission effort. God and heaven alone truly know of the good being done, the lives being changed and the true number of souls being saved day by day. Your part will be remembered by our Lord for eternity and the souls that are saved in Heaven one day will be the true testimony to your care and generosity. 

We thank our dear brother Gary Fallis for his coming and teaching in the Master’s program. We strive, with the Lord’s help, to develop a sustainable Church growth program. The training of good men at this level is vital and with full confidence, we know the godly men of Tanzania will continue to carry the “Good News” on to the generations to come.  Thank you Gary, and thank you Bear Valley for a good work that will help in taking the Gospel to all the world. 

The congregations of Arusha, now 7 in number continue in their outreach. Saturday, members from each of these congregations came together to reach yet another area of Arusha with the saving message of our God. Each congregation has committed one day a week to the outreach and new church plant in the Njiro Chini area. This is part of a five year plan to plant five new congregations in five years. Please join us in this effort through your prayers and continued support as we strive to glorify our God through our good deeds. 

A note from Josephat Massawe: “We rejoice with the Angels in Heaven today as two precious souls were added to the Lord’s Body. Pray for Teresia and Maua as they grow in faith.

A note from Yusuph Mdaki: “Yesterday we had a debate for one hour with a group of Seventh Day Adventist. The good result is one evangelist has promised me to call for baptism at any time. We continue to spread Bible tracts and invite others to study. Please we need more bibles and tracts, these people are starving for God’s Word.

Amos had two to obey the Truth and were baptized for the remission of their sins, being added to the Body of Christ. Due to heavy rains the church building collapsed. We really need to help these good brothers and sisters, helping them with a roof. They have done their own bricks and just need our help with $400. Please the heavy rains are upon us.”

The preacher’s wives met yesterday to study God’s word. Anita is teaching them “how to” study the Bible. They engage in other learning activities and are able to fellowship with each other, encouraging one another in the work of the Kingdom. Thank God for godly women, even more so for the wives of Gospel preachers who give that others might live. 

God is good all the time and we live in a time that allows us to truly take the saving message of the Gospel to all the world. God cares, He cares for your souls and each and every soul on this planet. Let each of us influence one another unto good works that the world might know of the love of God and His desire that all mankind know Him and His will. Till all have heard.....

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on February 2, 2014 .