A Busy Weekend Yields Souls For Christ...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope you are all doing great over there in the congregation and in the family. Life is going on well by His grace, but some are not sound in health. Three students missed weekend evangelism and the Bible lectureship in Mudeka village because of ill health. They were sent to see the doctor because our drugs could not help them on campus. Keep them in your prayers.

Last week was good for us as our students keep growing in the knowledge of God. They are excited that the choice the made to attend CBIW was a nice one and are looking forward to full time ministry in different villages after their graduation this December.

The weekend was also very busy, but exciting as we were reaching out to souls in 7 locations, however, the mass of the students and staff were in Mudeka village for house to house evangelism and many indoor lectures to nurture souls already in the kingdom of God.

Some CBIW students arrived Mudeka village for Bible lectureship. It was great as souls were touched.

Without any waste of time the students and staff started moving from one house to another hawking the bread of life free of charge. Many opened their doors for these men to share with the them.

Our students stood for hours upon hours, as long as the opportunity was given, to share the saving message. House to house is good to me and I am happy that our students are gaining lots of experience on the practical part of their career as they are opportune to meet people weekly which helps strengthen them before they graduate from school.

This weekend was great because my wife was part of the house to house evangelism in Mudeka. My wife worked along side others sharing the gospel to these young people who were nurses in that village.

Brother Ebage baptized brother Obi John along side his wife, who obeyed the gospel the same day what a great moment. Keep them in your prayers.

Brother John Nkemnkeng baptized brother Chia in Mudeka. Keep him also in your prayers.

Brother Orock Yannick baptized sister Nchini with her pregnancy. Through out our stay in Mudeka the Lord added 6 precious and energetic souls to labor for Him as he kingdom keeps increasing. Keep this congregation in your prayers to help nurture and follow up these young babes to grow and be mature.

On this sad note, brother Tom Eyong, a preacher whom we revived in the young congregation of Ediki, died last week Wednesday at the age of 79 after suffering with diabetes for many years. He was active in the things of God. Keep his family in your prayers. His village does not have the church, but in his will he said we should bury him in his village. This will be another great opportunity for us to see how we can reach out to villagers with the gospel and introduce them to the New Testament church and her ways of worship. Please keep this mission in your prayers.  Transportation to the village is far from where our brother was a resident.

I went to my village congregation in Koba last week for the funeral of my aunty and I realized that among the 7 villages there, 5 had a congregation of the Lord’s church and among these five only this one is still struggling to stand. Please, with tears I write this report to you making an appeal to come and let us go help this congregation which will in future help revive the other dead congregation. Please, precious souls are perishing. How can I do a lot and my own people are not having the light of the truth which I preach and train men to preach. Please, please come to my aid to keep the congregation going. For now we can send our students on a weekly basis to preach and teach. It will cost us 15.000 frs, but the urgent need now is to get the roof of that house erected with iron sheets. It will cost us 3000.00 USD to get that house up and wooden walls nailed to it and secure it from rain and stray animals. Please, please I have never been so touched with situations like this one in my own village. Please help me evangelize my people who are so receptive to the gospel. If we start the work I will be sharing the report and you will see what God will do in that place. Please share this with others who may love to be of help.

This weekend, part of the students and some staff will carry the remains of our brother to the village while part of the students will go to the Bomaka congregation, a young congregation not too far from Wotutu for evangelism.

The Dekome work keeps witnessing an increase and oh what a work to the glory of God for those standing by us to make sure these souls can eat the word of God, which will enable them to grow. It is really far from CBIW into the forest and hills, but God is making it possible for our students to reach there every week so that souls will be touched with the word.

Many thanks to God for His great care over us and the encouragements he is according to us to meet up with the work entrusted in our hands. Thank you so very much for all your prayers, deep concern, comments and support to make this work a reality. Continue and do not faint because in due season God will reward you all.

Do your best to share this report with others. God bless you all and watch over you all.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on February 2, 2014 .