And The News Keeps Getting Better...

November has amazingly crept in and now we are moving toward the middle of the month. Time clips by so quickly. Each week brings more exciting news about the development of training men to preach the gospel. We are approaching the middle of the second quarter, which usually brings mid-term exams. Students are diligently preparing for their exams and a bit of research before a short holiday break.

The past week hosted seniors preaching in chapel for their Homiletics 3 class. It may sound a bit biased, but these men did an outstanding job of proclaiming God’s word. The messages were relevant and applicable to the staff and students. As these men complete their studies in December, we are confident they will impact the souls of many people. As we near the time of their completion, we will share more about each individual and where they plan to work.

Reports this week highlight the work in several locations where students are also diligent in their studies and outreach with the gospel. We hope you will be encouraged with the news of souls added to the kingdom and congregations strengthened in the faith. We are constantly encouraged by reading about the work of these men. The thought that the sun never sets on an extension where Bear Valley is working at training preachers is getting closer. Think about it.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Steven Ashcraft about West Africa can be ready by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

Approaching Graduation Anticipates Great Attendance In Cameroon: With a little boost in the Cameroonian economy, based on the first graduation, staff anticipates a large attendance.

Another Encouraging Angle Of The Recent Work In Nepal: A young man, Roshan Rana, was involved in a recent outreach with the school in Nepal, and his perspective is encouraging.

Despite The Grave Challenges, BVBIU Continues To Make A Difference: Students in Ukraine are reaching out with the gospel and the interest level is growing for both the church and school.

The New Class In Kenya Is Commended For Evangelistic Fervor: Although the course work at KSOP recently began, students already show a fervor for evangelistic outreach.

Classes Resume At SWSE Ibadan, Nigeria: Students are back to their studies at the Southwest School of Evangelism in Nigeria, and it will be a busy quarter in and out of the classroom.

Great News Summarizes The Theme From Arusha: After last week’s report, more exciting news about the matching donation is sounding forth from Tanzania.

The Church Encourages New Converts, Youth, And Much More: The Kisongo congregation and ACSOP in Arusha, Tanzania work to influence the development of the church.

Final Thoughts 
We close by saying thank you. As you read this report, please remember that each of you are vital to the success of extension training. We appreciate the opportunity you provide us to train those who are faithful to go and teach others also. Thank you for your trust in us. We pray God will bless us all to His glory.

God bless

Posted on November 9, 2014 .