An Interesting Approach: Second-Hand Evangelism...

Recently a man approached me with a request. He was a man who has diligently completed nearly a dozen correspondence courses that I have given him. Correspondence courses and tracts have become one of my favorite methods of evangelism because they don’t require a translator. With a few greetings and language basics I can open a dialogue and offer a tract that gives soul-saving information. It is also convenient because I can give them out wherever I go as I conduct the regular business of life – the store, the gas station, the policeman on the side of the road… anywhere! 

Anyway, back to the man’s request. There was a worker at a nearby house that he wanted to give a correspondence course to. I had never met the lady or her employers, yet she wanted literature from me. Furthermore, this man who has not yet been obedient to the gospel was already seeking to share what he has learned.

Not long ago I was flagged down in my truck by another man. To my knowledge, I had never met or even seen the man before  A little wary, I cracked my window to see what he wanted.  He asked me if I was the man who had been spreading the Bible lessons around. I couldn’t tell by his demeanor if he was mad or glad about that, but I told him that I did share Bible lessons. He then looked excited and asked if he could have one. A few days later, he returned his completed lesson in to me via a common acquaintance.  

I did not seek that man out. I did not approach him and flag him down. He looked for ME. He looked for me because other people told him what I had shared with them, and he was interested. 

I relish the opportunities that I have to approach people with the gospel message, but these secondary contacts really have me excited. They demonstrate the organic nature of the gospel.  “Gospel” means “good news.” If there is one thing that good news does well, it’s spread. Watching the good news spread so readily encourages me greatly.

This is the way it’s supposed to be. This is the way it was always intended to be. As the apostle Paul instructed Timothy, “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). It is these people who are “teaching others also,” as well as those who are taught be them, who will continue to make a difference long after the missionaries return home. This is why we do what we do, and this is why you have sent us. 

Tracts and correspondence courses can be printed at the price of a mere 2 cents apiece. We would like to print 500,000 for our coming efforts, which will require about $10,000. Of course, how can a student complete a proper Bible study if he has no access to a Bible? We need 2,500 Bibles for the work here, which we can purchase for just $6 each. Can you help us meet these needs? This is really one area in which you can make a big difference with a small donation.

Keep spreading the good news!

Adding another “school” to our list…Schooling in Africa and God’s unexpected blessings

Living in Africa it is easy to realize that you are very fortunate if you get an education. Public schools here are very sub-par and the private schools cost a fortune to attend. Homeschooling is basically unheard of as even most expats attend the international schools. Abby has had a very wide array of schooling. She has attended preschool, public school, private schools, homeschool, co-ops, and is now adding international school to her list.

We never intended to send her to school here, but when our missionary friends returned to the states they took the only friends her age we had available. The congregation we attend has many, many children. However, they are all very young. We quickly found that Abby was lonely and in need of interaction with children her age.  We began looking into international schools as options but found that they cost more to attend than private universities in the states! We approached God prayerfully for an answer and set up a meeting with the Headmistress at Braeburn School. We were able to enroll her successfully in extracurricular activities and electives 2 days a week to supplement her homeschooling. She would be with children her own age learning art, music theory, internet technology, design technology, photography, and piano.

Still, the money was a huge chunk. Exactly 2 days after enrolling Abby, a good friend messaged saying she was sending an extra donation this month to cover some of Abby’s school fees as she knew of our plans. The amount was $7 shy of the full amount needed. Our God is truly amazing and will always do things in His timing if you rely fully on Him. What a great financial relief and answer that we are choosing what is best for our Abby.

She has made friends and is feeling a bit more “normal.” She loves the school and her classes. As parents, we are trying our best to show our children the most important thing there is, the love of Christ and sharing His word with others. In doing so we are not amiss that other challenges will arise but God handles all things beautifully when you are a disciple of Him. To God be the Glory!

Daniel Gaines

Posted on October 5, 2014 .