A Year Blessed By The Lord's Hand...

The new year is in full swing. Looking at the reported achievements for 2013 keep us all excited about the way’s God is blessing the efforts of the staff located in 17 extension schools. The following year-end report was accumulated and submitted by Keith Kasarjian about the overall program. The news is exciting, and based on the reports this week, 2014 is starting with a fervor that will surpass the work of 2013. Let us pray God will continue to bless these efforts.

It is hard to believe, but the end of 2013 has come. At Bear Valley, we have had an outstanding year and are even more excited about the prospects for next year and the future to come. This year has truly been wonderful in the history of the Bear Valley Extension Program and we want to share some of the excitement with you - our friends, partners, and supporters.

There are now 17 extensions, in 13 different countries around the world, with 254 full-time, preacher training students! This year has also witnessed 122 men graduate with their degree or certificate from Bear Valley. Just think of all the potential in those men and their families in the years to come, as the vast majority of them are serving in fertile parts of the world. This is truly exciting!

But at Bear Valley, we know that we aren’t doing this alone. We depend on partners and supporters to help us train preachers around the world. In addition to our all-important supporters, 78 different local teachers taught in Bear Valley extensions this year. In addition to those local men, another 57 men have made the journey to an extension to teach a “short course” to our students. This truly is a team effort at every level.

In addition to teaching these men how to preach and live, we want to instill in them a passion for soul-winning. This is borne out in the many studies, campaigns, and gospel meetings that they are involved in throughout the year. As a result of these efforts, we know of at least 990 baptisms, 60 new congregations, 5 congregations restored, 292 campaigns and gospel meetings, 4 lectureships, 4 youth conferences and camps, 1068 bible studies, and the conversion of at least 8 denominational preachers. To God be the glory!

This has truly been a remarkable year, but we are not resting on our laurels as we look to an exciting future. There are already many new students set to enter the program next year and a new extension in a country where it is needed is a very real possibility. 2014 promises to be the most exciting year yet.

At Bear Valley, we thank all those who support us and partner with us to carry out the mandate of 2 Timothy 2:2. What you are doing is making a difference and we literally could not do it without you. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to continuing to serve together as long as the Lord allows.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/extension-schools/

To read the latest report from Howell Ferguson about the work in Ukraine, please click here.

The read the latest report from Steven Ashcraft about the work in West Africa, please click here.

Extension Reports 

A Year End Review Worth Reviewing: The totals from the work of students in Cameroon is a wonderful blessing. Read all about their work here.

A Historic Ending To The Year In Chimala: Masters, Bachelors, and Certificate classes graduate at the Chimala Bible Institute with more on the way.

What Is God Doing With Our Preachers: The answer to this question shows the results of the work being done in Togo.

Efforts To Expand Outreach In Northern India: As opportunities with technology increase, the desire of NIBC is to give exposure to the college and church in North India.

15 Conversions, 25 Restorations In Two Weeks: As the year came to a close and the new year began, God was giving the increase in Nigeria.

Igor Obeys The Gospel: A husband and father to members of the church in Gorlovka, Ukraine obeys the gospel. The news is exciting and the school is looking to grow.

And Then Came The Increase: One of the most exciting ways to begin the first report of the new year is to see how God is blessing the work in Tanzania.

Come One, Come All: An unusual and unexpected landing of a jet in Arusha draws the attention of many locals in Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
Beginning a new year affords us the opportunity to express our gratitude to God for the ways He continues to bless this work. We also have opportunity to thank you for all you do to help this work exist. Considering the information throughout the report this week indicates why we are blessed to be involved in the greatest work with the greatest people on earth. Thank you!

God bless

Posted on January 5, 2014 .