Chosen Vessels Preaching The Gospel Globally...

New reports this week continue to share the incredible nature of God’s hand at work in blessing the efforts of staff and students involved in the extension training program. The diligence put forth by each individual provides an example for all of us. The Lord is making a difference through His chosen vessels that are preaching the Gospel on a global scale. It is exciting to participate in this work.

The week ahead is a special week for the staff of the extension program as we will travel to the Freed Hardeman lectureship, which will conclude with our annual staff meeting. The opportunity to hear great lessons from God’s word, the fellowship shared among Christians from all around the country and world, along with talking about the work of extension training in each location where Bear Valley is privileged to share in the work of training men to preach, is a combination for one awesome week.

A real blessing is found each time the staff comes together because we take small steps that continue to improve the program overall. Please pray for us as we discuss matters related to the growth and success of this work. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Keith Kasarjian’s latest report can be found here.

Extension Reports 

Transforming Souls, Gaining Consciousness Of God: Weekend evangelism in Cameroon continues to see souls transformed as they gain a consciousness of God.

Fourth Term At Tamale Is Underway: Tony Johnson is back in Ghana and the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies began the fourth quarter of studies last week.

Baptisms And Restorations Characterize Break Activity: The work of students during the end of the year break from the Kenya School of Preaching yielded baptisms and restorations.

A Need For Prayer: Recently, Darvin Alvarez lost his sister, Ingrid. Darvin is a teacher at ITL in Guatemala and would appreciate your prayers for his family.

Evangelism Is Yielding Fruit In Nigeria: The past week of evangelism near the Southwest School of Evangelism witnesses the new birth of souls obedient to the gospel.

Consider Adopting A Congregation In Togo: Graduates in Togo are working with congregations near Kpalime. They could use your help.

At Every Turn, God Is Growing The Church: Reports from graduates of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching demonstrate the ways God is working in Tanzania and Uganda.

Final Thoughts
Thank you in advance for your prayers. Please pray for the safety of everyone traveling for the meeting and for the discussions we will have about the work. We also want to thank you for your partnership in the work of training preachers. You are a blessing to us and every soul that is touched with the gospel around the world.

God bless

Posted on January 26, 2014 .