A Need For Prayer...

Greetings beloved Family and Friends!

Our prayer to God our Father is that this message will find you well and enjoying good health. 

A little while back, we sent an e-mail requesting your prayers for Darvin Alvarez’s sister, Ingrid, who was battling cancer. This message comes with a tone of sadness, as we must inform you of Ingrid’s passing. She died last Monday evening, January 13, leaving behind two children, Sergio (16 years old) and Sophia (13 years old).

On Sunday, the 5th of January, Ingrid was brought to the capital city for a doctor’s appointment she had scheduled for the next day. However, the doctor did not see her until Tuesday afternoon. It was at that moment that the doctor determined that she needed to be admitted to the hospital. The following Saturday, the 11th, she went into a coma. It became apparent to Darvin that her state was not going to improve so he and his family decided to take her home to Coban so she could spend her last moments at home. On Monday, with the help of some of Ingrid’s coworkers, they contracted an ambulance to transfer her to Coban, but minutes after completing the paperwork and placing her in the ambulance, Ingrid died. Darvin thanks God that her death did not take place minutes before because it would have meant delaying getting her body by about two days and an increase in the cost for the family because of the hospital paperwork that would have been involved. By 10:30 p.m. that same Monday, they were back in Coban. Her burial took place on Wednesday afternoon, January 15. 

We are encouraged by Darvin's attitude and faith in God. He says that he did everything he could to teach his sister the Gospel. We are witnesses of this because we, too, were among those who studied with her. Sadly, she never became a Christian. Now, Darvin says that his primary concern is the welfare of Ingrid’s children. They are currently working on paperwork and legal matters to make sure that they receive the attention and care they need as minors. Please keep Darvin, Ingrid’s children, and the whole family in your prayers during this time of mourning and adjustment.

God bless you!

Serving Jesus,

Posted on January 26, 2014 .