Visiting American Instructors In Nepal...

Don Prather, from Liberty, TX, is one of the two stateside Coordinators for the Nepal Center For Biblical Studies [NCBS]. He and his wife, Janie, arrived on June 28 to begin two weeks of teaching at the school and also in congregations outside Kathmandu. This is the third trip for Don and Janie. Technically they are visitors, but they are like visiting family. The same is true for our other Coordinator, Mike York from Buna, TX, who was here for his third time in February.

This is the first visit to Nepal for Carl and Debby Fronabarger, who are good friends of Janie, Don, and Mike. The ladies taught classes especially for the Nepali Christian ladies at three different locations on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each day they had over 20 students enjoying their teaching and their fellowship. The smiles at the end of each day on the faces of Debby, Janie, and Sunita, their interpreter, told the whole happy story before you heard a single word.

Carl and Don are teaching each day at NCBS. We have about 30 preachers and leaders from many parts of Nepal. Some of them have traveled for two days to reach Kathmandu to join with other eager students to learn from these classes.  

Carl is teaching about 40% of the time about individual Christian maturity using examples from both the Old and New Testaments to demonstrate the attitudes, character, and actions of God’s leaders.  Don spends about 40% of the time discussing congregational growth. The remaining 20% of the time is devoted to helping develop skills for preparing sermons and lessons for class presentation. 

This is a very energetic group. They frequently are given an issue to consider or a challenge to be met, and break up into four small groups for discussions. They then come together to share their ideas and discuss how they can return to their congregations to apply the principles and practices with their local brothers and sisters to bring growth of numbers and individual Christian maturity to their congregations.

This afternoon [Thursday] Janie, Debby, Don, Carl, Sunita, and Gajendra [NCBS Director] flew to east Nepal to have classes and worship for four days in three different locations. This is the first time Don and Janie have visited any congregation outside the Kathmandu Valley. Their excitement is matched by the enthusiasm of their Nepali brothers and sisters waiting to welcome them.

They will finish their time here by teaching classes to our regular students on Tuesday through Thursday next week. These students will graduate in September, comprising our second group to graduate.  We encourage all our graduates to teach at least one class [2 days-5 days] each year. This helps them to continue their own progress, encourages and motivates the present students, and builds fellowship among brethren having a common purpose and mission in life.   

The time with Mike in February and Don in July has helped all of us, USA and Nepal, to share a clear picture of the work here, to discuss and form common goals, and to review the investment of time and money to strengthen Christ’s kingdom in Nepal. The progress we have seen in the four years since the school was established tastes so good that we want to savor the increased aroma and nutrition in the future by increasing and improving our labor and service of love.

Jerry Golphenee

Posted on July 7, 2013 .