Teaching People Who Have Been Taught...

Dear brethren in Christ,

I would like to share with you about the work in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The church is doing well. We are stronger and stronger from day to day and week to week. We also learned a lot of things in life. For right now I am focused on the work of evangelizing more to the people around the city, as before I had been out more to villages, as we, Sokchea and Ravy place an emphasis on teaching the people that have been taught.

The work at Takam is doing alright, as what I heard from our brother Choeuy who working as a full time preacher for the church there, along with two of our students from the bible school in Siem Reap who go to help the work there every week. Choeuy used to work with Lon for the church at Takam, but about four months ago Lon went to work in Thailand and came back about two months later and has not remained faithful. So we asked two student to volunteer to help the work at Takam with Choeuy.

The work in Leang Dai is doing great. Sokchea and Ravy get more and more influence with the people there and the villages around Leang Dai, as Sokchea is working with one of the organizations that help the poor people. He just recommended that organization to work at the villages around Leang Dai. He got more opportunity to see and know more people in those areas, especially as he gets the chance to teach them the gospel.

I am teaching along with three other brothers, Phanat, Piset and Darat, at our bible school. Currently I am teaching on a course Buddhism. We all working together trying to teach our students and church members to be strong in their faith.

We got some young men who come to play volleyball in our yard almost everyday, most of them from our neighborhood, and they get to know our brethren when they work together in restaurant. So, hopefully through our conduct and keep teaching them, show them why we are different from the world, they will decide to follow Christ as we are.

We don't have much activity now as we used to have before on going out to pass out the flyers to people and teach them the truth, because now in Cambodia we are close to the election for the next prime minister that will take for about a month. After that everything will go on as normal, because now those political parties are on the roads and trying to tell people how good their party is in order to gain votes.

Anyway, we still have a chance to teach and preach in our church and others but not openly because that can be mess up with their political party as the local authority told me. We heard lots of bad words from those political party and they mocked to one another and say lots of bad words to one another. We don't know what's going on when the election comes, many people are concerned the war may come back. Please pray for Cambodia and our leader in our country.

I want to share with you all about my experience on helping a group of people out of an accident, on the 2nd of June 2013. My family went to Phnom Penh, driving our van to visit our family there. On our way back to Siem Reap on the 9th of June we saw an accident on the way between a bus and a car. It was just about five hundred meters in front of our van only. That's such a terrifying accident because there were four people killed at the scene and about eight more were serious injured. There were 17 people on the bus and five in the car. A group taking a bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, most of them are Chinese. They really need help by that time as they could not communicate to the local people there, no one can speak Chinese with them as they cry for help. Finally, I went there and found a lady who could speak English, so she asked me to help take them out from the bus and translate for them to the local police and doctor also driving them to the local hospital, along with a local ambulance and a police car. Later on they wanted to give me some money, as I had helped them, but I refused to take it by telling them that I am happy to help and I am a Christian. Now she keeps saying thank to me on Facebook. You can add her to your Facebook too if you like to, her name is Joanne Gonglin.

All in all, we want to thank God in all things, and we want to thank you for being with us through your prayers, thoughts and soul. 

May God bless you and your family and please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ

Posted on July 7, 2013 .