Angry Birds And Playboy Bunnies... Coordinator Perspective

This has been our most exhausting and exhilarating trip to Nepal to date.  It is Wednesday AM and already Janie has taught 2 1/2 days of ladies classes to 20+ each time.  I taught a 3-hour Bible class on Saturday, preached five sermons on Sunday, and to this point  12+ hours here at the school to 40+ men.  

This schedule has not been so unusual.  What has been unusual is our crowded evenings.  Three of our evenings have been used up as administrative meetings.  These are thick with details and sometimes a wee bit tense.

The challenge in teaching in Nepal is represented by the title: Angry Birds and Playboy Bunnies. In the class I am teaching today is a grown man in an Angry Birds shirt.  Another man is wearing a Playboy shirt complete with a large "Bunny" logo.  Seeing a man stand with a bunny on his chest to read scripture out loud takes some getting used to.

My audience consists of our current students, our graduates and serving preachers and other leaders from all over Nepal. If such a group gathered in the US, everyone would be college educated or the equivalent.  Here, at least 10 of the men are totally illiterate and only about 10 rise above the level of functional illiteracy.   They are not wearing odd shirts to be silly or to promote a sensual lifestyle, they just don't know what they are wearing and they are wearing their finest.

Teaching here requires ever last iota of knowledge and skills I have gained through my (almost) 58 years and I love it.  Teaching about the history of New Testament churches like Ephesus and Corinth, teaching how to prepare sermons, and teaching how to teach Bible classes is like driving a really great sports car (I drove an MGB before I married - sigh) at law-breaking speeds.  Down-shifting through a series of literacy-limited "S-curves" gives me a crazy-fun adrenaline rush.  

When students "get it" here, their eyes make the throaty noise of a hot-rod engine rumbling to life.  Hearing the roar of their "get it" and seeing the high-beams in their eyes is the thrill that keeps me coming back and that bounces me out of bed after a too-short night.

Janie and I are well.  Something about being in Nepal together makes us love each other more.

Don Prather

Posted on July 7, 2013 .