Graduation And Lectureship In Tamale, Ghana...

Greetings from Tamale, Ghana.

It has been very quiet around the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies (TIBS) for the past two months as all of the students had completed their courses at the end of April and had departed to their various villages and towns. That all changed on July 9th as the Institute once again came to life, welcoming the graduating class, alumni, and the next class of students back to the campus for a week long program and graduation celebration.

Rather than holding its graduation ceremony immediately after the final classes of the two year program, TIBS’ holds its graduation during the first week of classes for the next group of students. This allows the new students to meet and be encouraged by those who have completed the course. For this year’s graduation the school also invited back the alumni from the first graduating class of 2011 for a special seminar with the new students and graduating students. This three day seminar on The Preacher and Finances was attended by over 35 past and present students. Classes were taught by Bear Valley Regional Coordinator Steven Ashcraft, TIBS Director Baah Joseph Okyere, and Cape Coast area evangelist Kojo Acquah Beenyi. Topics included were The Preacher and Member Relationships, The Preacher and Church’s Finances, The Preacher and His Family’s Finances, and The Preacher and Budgeting. 

On Friday TIBS hosted its fourth annual lectureship with the theme “The Essence Of Being A Christian.” During this day long lectureship TIBS Board Member Roger Ayillah spoke on “Christ- One Sacrifice For All”; Accra area evangelist and Director of the Center for Biblical Studies in Kpalime, Togo Willie Gley spoke on “Getting into the Covenant with Christ”; Bear Valley Coordinator Tony Johnson spoke on “Staying in the Covenant”; and TIBS Director Baah spoke on “Faithful Until Death-Who is going to Heaven?” In addition to the students, members from local congregations were invited to attend and the lectureship was open to the public. 

On Saturday the week’s event culminated with Graduation exercises for the class of 2013. Eleven of the thirteen graduating men received TIBS’ highest certificate, a Certificate of Biblical Studies, indicating that they had successfully completed the intensive two year course that includes over 2000 hours of classroom instruction and field work. Receiving a Certificate  Of  Biblical  Studies were: Abraham   Dilegm, Godwin  Bentikme, Jacob  Nichema, Johnson  Tilinyi, Joseph  Molsak, Kwame  Nkumuye   Lot, Lot  Nlakidi, Matthew  Donkor  Chakpuju, Philip   Bilam, Solomon Lanyan, and Timothy  Niligrini. Receiving a Certificate of Leadership was Augustine  Assoro, and receiving a Certificate  Of  Attendance was Bijine  Nnurubi  Amos. A special award of a laptop computer was given to Timothy Niligrini as the Best Student based upon cumulative grade point average. Additional awards of a Strong’s Concordance were given to Lot Nlakidi for Best Servant, Joseph Molsak for Most Determined Student, and Godwin Bentikme for Most Promising Student. 

It was a very busy and a very great week, with lots of fellowship, renewing of old friendships, and making of new ones. Now it is back to regular business for all of us at the Tamale School of Biblical Studies as we begin training the class of 2015!  

Tony Johnson
Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on July 21, 2013 .