Please Pray For Earnest's Wife, Benu...

Dear brother, 

Thank you for the prayers and concern. This past Monday my wife was operated on and again they have sent the lump for a biopsy. It was perhaps, by mistake, the surgeon took the sample before the surgery as it showed negative, but after the surgery, they have gave the report as positive. Though in a very early stage. We wish to do whatever is necessary at the earliest. I request you to pray for Benu as this is our great hope. 

Two souls obeyed the Lord here last week. One was a student and the other a WBS student who approached us from a nearby place. We have asked him to continue in worship and I think he needs more encouragement.

I have received the course from brother Joshua Gootam. It is written by Ira Y. Rice, Jr. and has 26 lessons. It seems one lesson is missing on Restoration. I will soon be working on the translation. I think we can start translation and printing lesson by lesson, too. Maybe we can start with the printing in small quantity.  

In Christ

Posted on June 9, 2013 .