Meeting Produces Plans For The Future...

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan-Nigeria. Here is the summary of our May 11, 2013 Board & Foundation meeting held at the auditorium of Agege congregation, Lagos.

1. June 8 - July 7 students practicum (i.e.teaching practice) will cost us N75,000= to transport the 37 students to Lagos, Ogun, Kwara, Edo, Delta and River state of Nigeria.

2. The forth coming 11th Annual Bible Lectureship of August 22-24 and 10th graduation ceremony will cost us N350,000= and we are to raise 50% of total cost among the Nigeria brethren.

3. Entrance examination for 2013 /2014 academic session will come up on June 15 at both centers. Only 20 students will be admitted at Ibadan and 10 on the Lagos campus. Our budget for the next academic session from August 12, 2013 to July 2014 ending is $22,500 and we plan to raise at least 10% from Nigerian brethren / churches.

Brethren, I taught today Sunday of May 12 at Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation-Ibadan on GROWING A LOCAL CHURCH and admonished the church on “Self-examination” (1 Cor.11:28). We are 53 in attendance with total collection of N1,995=

Brethren, Lord's willing, I and brother Dele Shotola and some SWSE students will be working with the Ilisan-Remo congregation on May 18 at a day WBS seminar. We will have evangelism in evening and on May 19, I will be lecturing on “Church Autonomy” at Ilisan -Remo congregation, Ogun state.

Classes continue tomorrow at the school! We thank you all for your partnership. Stay blessed!

Sincerely His and yours,
Makinde E.Olufemi (Director of studies)
Southwest School of Evangelism(SWSE), Ibadan & Lagos campus, Nigeria

Posted on May 12, 2013 .