Stewardship Seminar Brings Unity In Togo...

Barry Baggot was a missionary in Ivory Coast for many years. He now lives in the US and works with the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. He directs the French Literature program and still makes frequent trips to Ivory Coast and other French speaking countries in Africa. CBS was privileged to have him accept the invitation to teach the book of Romans in Kpalime, Togo from Monday, April 8 – Friday April, 12.

Radio program resumed
Radio Plannet in Kpalime was closed down by the authorities for renovation work about a year ago. Since no other station would allow us to buy air time, we were compelled to wait. By the grace of God the work is completed and government has given the green light for Plannet to resume operation. The team in Kpalime started the broadcast on Thursday, the 21st of March.

CBS organized a 3 Day seminar on Christian stewardship
Seventy-two (72) participants from 4 congregations attended the 3 day seminar organized by CBS. The theme was “The Divine Principles of Stewardship.” Speakers included former students, current students and the principal, Cephas.

Facts and figures

Avekpo: Abraham preaches for the Avekpo church near Kpalime. This congregation has 15 members. One person was baptized recently and added to the congregation.

Aveho Tugbui: Clement preaches for this new congregation with a membership of 7.

Akefe: Yaovi preaches for congregation in Akefe, it has a membership of 15. They had two (2) baptisms recently.

Sanguera: Gidigidi preaches for the Sanguera church near Lome. They had 3 baptisms in the month under consideration.

Kpadape: David preaches for this congregation in Kpadape. It has 20 members. One student has been assigned to assist David each Sunday.

Nyiveme: Cephas, the principal of CBS preaches here with the assistance of some students. Nyiveme has 55 members. A lady was baptized recently.

Scheduled Campaign
Plans are far advanced to plant a new congregation in Tutu in order to relocate the Beme Church. Tutu and Beme are twin towns about an hour away from Kpalime. It has become necessary to relocate the Beme church because people in Tutu are more receptive to the gospel. We are therefore planning to organize a three day open air preaching with a house to house Bible study in May.

Proposed date for graduation is the 28th of September, 2013

Willie Gley

Posted on April 21, 2013 .