Another Incredible Week In The Extension Program...

The reports this week are plentiful and they are rich with God’s hand giving the increase around the world. There is a great level of excitement in reading about the mission of God as it is being fulfilled week after week. The activities of the staff and students in various locations around the world continually demonstrates the presence of God in all places at the same time. Our God is active in providing the growth of the church through the proclamation of the gospel.

This week in Denver students are focusing on a time of research. They are given an opportunity to dig deeper into the assignments and prepare for the final thrust of the quarter leading up to graduation. Witnessing the excitement of the Seniors who are approaching the finish line of their training is such a blessing. We look forward to reporting more about their work in the future.

Since there are a number of reports this week, I encourage you to read about the work for yourself. I appreciate the time you take each week to read through the various works being done through Extension Training. Without your hand to provide what is needed for each of these areas, the work would not be possible. Thank you.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

To read the latest report from Howell Ferguson, please click here.

To read the latest report from Gary Fallis, please click here.

Extension Reports 

Two Deaths: One Spiritual And One Physical: The work in Cameroon experienced the physical death of one member and the spiritual death and rebirth of a new member. 

Wives’ Seminar In Cameroon: The church in Wotutu, Cameroon is going to host a seminar for the wives in the church. The benefit to the work overall will be significant.

Campaign In Ghana Brings Souls To Christ: A recent campaign with the staff and students of the West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi yields fruit.

Master’s Class Graduates In VVBC: The Visakha Valley Bible College hosted the first Master’s Class Graduation in Visakhapatnam, India.

A Peaceful Election In Kenya And Classes Begin: Kenya recently held presidential elections. Amidst the possibility of problems, everything was peaceful and classes have started.

Two Souls Added To The Church In Nigeria: As staff and students alike preach and teach the gospel, God is giving the increase as souls are obedient to the Word.

A Ladies Class Will Benefit Upcoming Lectureship: The ladies in Uganda have been asking to have classes for them and this year the annual lectureship will feature those classes.

Combination Campaign And Recruiting Tour In Nepal: Although the students are on a three week break, staff members are busy in a campaign and recruiting for the next class.

The Truth Will Set You Free: The words of Jesus are proving true as the church continues to grow, witnessing those in error changing their practices in Tanzania.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho...You Know The Rest: Or do you? The students are returning to school at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
Another incredible week! The dedication of those who are working around the world makes the entire Extension Program worthwhile. The results are evident and the power of God’s hand continues to work in wonderful ways. It is an honor to stand beside these men and share in the work of training future leaders in the Lord’s kingdom. 

God bless

Posted on April 14, 2013 .