13 Obey The Gospel In North India...

Dear Brother, 

Thank you for being mindful of us. 

We are doing fine and looking for new students. Some have already come and we have started to work with them. Hopefully, the full fledged class will be in place by the end of this month. By the time we have been getting good and encouraging reports from the outgoing graduates. 

Brother Shiv, brother Naresh and brother Rajesh are told to have been teaching people of their community and Shiv and Rajesh are told the help immersing 5 and 8 souls respectively. 

We are sending some Hindi Bibles and song books for them and hopefully they will receive it soon. For any correspondence I am sending their address. Yuhanna Masih is married and he will be having his responsibilities increased. 

Shiv Kumar Sidar 
S/o Dadu Lal Sidar
Vill. Chhoti Rabeli 
Thana/Teh. Malkharan 
Distt. Janjgir 
Chanpa- 495691 (CG- India) 

Rajesh Gotya 
S/o Kanhayya Lal (Salgu)
Vill. Mohtra
P.O. Madhai Bhatta
Thana Sarseevan
Teh. Bilai Garh
Distt. Balaud Bazar- 493559 (CG- India) 

Naresh Mahanand 
S/o Pardeshi Mahanand  
Resali Bhata Ispaat Nagar
Near Vijay Kirayana store BHILLAI
Durg 490006 (CG- India)  

Thanks for all your prayers and support for the cause of Christ.

Earnest Gill

Posted on March 10, 2013 .