Serious Business Of Training Preachers...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters here in Cameroon. Hope this report finds you all in good health and a sound faith. We are doing better in health, as many in our congregation, including some students are not feeling okay in their health. We are praying and trusting God to help us all in the fullness of time.

The week CBIW went on well. Most of the students are seeing just what is made up in a Bible college. Many are already settled down while some are still better to settle for serious business for the Lord as they equipped themselves to answer the call (Mt. 9:36-38).

The first month is over now for the new students in CBIW. They have been in class paying attention to the instructor, as brother Tabe Moses instructed them on the Use of English and Public Speaking. This course came up so that we shall better equip our students to face the globalization in the world, to meet all classes of people. Keep them in your prayers.

There was a meeting in Kumba where some ministers were invited to come and see how we can join together with other congregations to increase the evangelistic efforts this 2013. We were part of it to give our input after a great success that was glaring to many as they go down to the evangelistic annals of CBIW.

Along the way as we travel we stopped by to visit some of our graduates on the way to see what is happening in their ministries respectively. Brother Namina Benard Moleke was busy with his young congregation as we met them during their midweek Bible class. I was impressed to see the kingdom of God being nurtured and expanded. Keep them in your prayers as they need them to move ahead with courage.

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism will always remain. It is upon that statement that CBIW is built and the Alpha batch of students studied on that solid foundation and it is helping them in their respective locations as they serve full time. Minister Tobias now whom we visited is busy sharing the gospel to his neighbor who is a fast food attendant.

We had a great cross section of the Wotutu congregation today welcoming the new converts in the cause of the week with 3 first time visitors. The early morning radio program is still in progress and the truth is going far and near in the hearts of many. Keep it in your prayers it is working for the glory of God.

A part of our ministries here is working with some children in Brightland Christian Academy Wotutu during sports. We pray and seek God’s face to make this school live up to its name, to bring brightness through the gospel to these young children in the community of Wotutu and its environs. We keep wondering what will be the makeup of these children as they grow in the foundation of the truth. A graduate from CBIW, minister Nsong Nelson, is with them daily to make sure they start their day with the brightness of the gospel. Please, please come and join us and let us help change lives through this means.

1) We are still working on the establishment of the Lord’s church in Mile Four, a small town closer to Wotutu.

2) We are still working out the possibilities of establishing a congregation in Batoke and also in Ebonime, surely during our first campaign if God’s will.

3) We are still looking for materials, like tracts and evangelistic literatures, so as to start a correspondent office in Wotutu from our early morning radio program Back To The Bible.

Thank you God for all that you are doing in our lives and the ministries you entrusted in our hands. God bless you and keep you as you tell others about the work here to win souls for the kingdom. Thanks for being there for us. We appreciate your comments.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on February 3, 2013 .