A Great Day In The Wagner Family...

It is a great day in the Wagner family because our 16 year-old daughter Laura decided to put Christ on in baptism. We went down to the Chimala River, climbed into the rushing water, and helped her begin her new life in Christ. Since it is the rainy season, the water in the river was really flowing! We braved the river, however, to have a very memorable day.

Chimala Mission Update
There has been a lot of activity going on at the mission lately. We have welcomed a new missionary named Cheryl Bode. She is a RN from Oklahoma. She is going to be doing mobile clinics and much more. We are very excited about her plan and her dedication. Cheryl is located the second from the right in our updated Chimala team picture. Cheryl has a blog at cherylinchimala.blogspot.com/

We have started a new evangelism plan at the mission using our preacher school students. Our students rotate between hospital evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, market evangelism, school evangelism, etc. Here is a report on their evangelism efforts:

Hello brethren 

Greetings in Christ, 

Its our hope that you are all doing great. We are also fine and the Lord is blessing us daily. Here is our weekly evangelism report done on 15 February 2013.  

On Feb. 15/2013, our evangelism was done in three areas which are as follows.

And Kitekelo

In this work the Lord blessed us with 3 Baptisms and 9 Restorations.

We are very proud of our school because in this evangelistic work, our students are effectively involved. And we have our new programme introduced by Chad.

Every weekend we have 4 students evangelizing the Mbeya City with brother Peter Kamatula.  

Let us keep one another in our daily prayers as we continue to serve the LORD!!!!!

Preaching the Gospel
We visited several congregations lately. We visited the Matebete church of Christ today. It is a primarily Masai congregation in a beautiful location. Following the service, we were treated to a traditional Masai dance group! 

We also visited recently the Majombe church of Christ. When we first visited them, they were not meeting. After looking up the preacher and some of the members, we have been able to get the congregation meeting again. We are sending evangelism teams to Majombe on a regular basis.

Chad Wagner

To see Chad’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on February 24, 2013 .