Jum Reap Sooh - Only In Cambodia...

Jum reap sooh brothers and sisters in Christ! Hope all of you are serving Christ well in your part of the world. As for the work of Jesus Christ in Siem Reap, Cambodia, God has been very good to us here. We are thankful for every blessing He's given us and ask that He does the same for you. 

We are thankful for the McDonough’s, for their humility and their efforts with the local work here. We are thankful for the local brethren and their steadfastness. We are thankful for Keith Kasarjian, the Autrey’s, and Phil Woolley for their sacrifice and demonstration of love towards us the past few weeks. We are thankful for Jeff Bell and his wife visiting us again. It's too bad we didn’t get to spend much time together but the little time that we did spend was precious. 

What eventful months September and October were for us here. We began our 2nd school year in September with Chann teaching Church History, Darat teaching 1 and 2 Chronicles, Piseth teaching Psalms, and me teaching 1 and 2 Corinthians. The planting and watering continues with IBISR, yet we never forget the One who gives the increase. We added a new student in Sovannara and what a promising young man he is to our program. 

Keith Kasarjian visited and taught us on the subject of the Godhead and did a very good job. The students and the staff benefited much from his teachings. We got to know God on a more deeper level thanks to him. Then Wes, his wife, Teri, and daughter Natalie, along with Phillip Woolley spent two unforgettable weeks with us teaching and fellowshipping with the local brethren. What an awesome example they were to the group here. We see the manifold wisdom of God through them (Eph 3:10). I, personally, am thankful for their visit and the encouragement they bring to me as the local missionary here. I am grateful for their wisdom, their company, their jokes, and more importantly their love. These are the things that help keep me going and serving God in this part of the world. I covet your prayers and continual support. I look forward to your visits. I am thankful for your encouragements. Please keep them coming because they do make a difference! 


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Posted on November 3, 2013 .