Nine More Souls Added In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings and love from your brothers and sisters here in Wotutu, in particular, and Cameroon as a whole. We do hope you are doing great in all that you do for the Lord and family. By His special grace we are doing better in health and our activities.

Two more students, who were not on campus when we gave out reports, made it this week to campus safe and strong, with great news of souls being added. Brother Julius Wamo baptized brother Samuel in the Mudeka congregation where he served during his campaign.

I bring to you our weekly report now. God is still sitting on the throne, so He continues to help us accomplish His mission for mankind in our communities and our country Cameroon. CBIW students are back in school except one who is still sick, Namana Martin.

Our students were in class for the last quarter of their first year of studies. They started off this quarter with Leadership. I was able to teach this course and it is a great course as they can testify within this week. Keep them in your prayers as to prepare to grow, so that their growth will affect and impact many in their respective ministries.

The students worked hard this past Friday. Brothers Dikana Ngoe and Enow Elvis came out best students in memory work. It is part of our program that our students start up every day with what we call “Speed Test” which book, chapter and verse. So these students performed well and I decided to award them suits which were donated to us by the CBIW coordinator during his last visit in June. I decided to give to those who really work for it because it was not enough for all the students to have one pair each. To avoid any mixed feelings from others that was the best way to give it out.

Brother Julius also baptized sister Helen in the river. Brother Oliver Anthony, who was sick, also returned much better and he is taking treatment here in CBIW. A total of 9 souls where added to the church in those areas making a total of 54 souls during our campaign. Please keep these souls in your prayers as we continue to make efforts to help them stay in Christ mostly in congregations where there is no preacher.

The week was characterized with sorrow as we lost sister Martha Mesumbe at the age of 25 years. She was a Christian barely 1 year and the Lord called her home. I was able to address the crowd on the topic awareness, making many to know that awareness goes with information and if you are “not informed, then you will be deformed.” The gospel is out to help many as they will obey to follow Jesus. Her burial went on well and we give glory to God.

Our weekend evangelism continues to make impact in those congregations that we send our students to on weekly basis. Today our young congregation in Batoke had 21 worship while the revived congregation in Ediki had 29 in worship, because some of our brethren traveedl out for family responsibilities. We praise God for the growth of His church in those areas. Keep the work in your prayers.

1) We shall be in the Mbanga congregation from the 17th to the 20th of October for mass evangelism in that young congregation which is barely one year and few months old. It is a place with a diversity of people speaking French and English, but it is dominated by French speaking people. Our presence will help with the work there. Please keep us in your prayers.

2) The church of Christ in Munyenge, behind the Cameroon Mountain, is inviting us also for four days of house to house evangelism by the end of the month. Please, we are still contemplating if we shall make the trip because moving with all the students out of campus twice in a month is a huge financial burden. Keep us in your prayers as our hearts move toward the gospel that is calling.

God bless you for accepting the privilege of serving the Lord in this capacity with us as we reach out to many communities and touching souls with the undiluted message to save many who will believe. God will reward you in due season, you are always in our prayers and we are happy that we are doing this. Pray for us and do your best to share this report with others. God bless you.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on October 6, 2013 .