Planning A Very Busy Summer...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The Lord is my light and my salvation: whom shall I fear?" Psa. 27:1

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful New Year! Ours has been blessed with lots of rain. During this morning's offering, the men speaking could not be heard above the rain pounding on the tin roof. Trina and the children worshipped at Kisongo and Trina taught the Ladies class on Genesis 32. The goal was to finish Genesis last year but due to many factors (continued construction on the classroom, translator sick or out of town, guest speakers we wanted to hear) it was impossible. The goal is to complete Genesis before furlough.

Abigail taught on the Days of Creation/Fall of Mankind in the Children's Class. Ahimidiwe continued teaching Acts in the Men's Class. Mrutu preached a powerful lesson on "Gratitude." Jimmy taught and preached at White Rose, a newly established congregation meeting in a member's home, a small 2-room concrete house (not 2 bedrooms). Total people listening to Jimmy and his translator were seven: Baraka and Angel (the couple living in the house), their non-Christian neighbor (Witness ) and 4 children.

Lindsey has continued her studies with Rachel John, who recently turned 16. Rachel, a bright young lady who knows English well, attended Tanzanian Christian Camp and asked many questions about Catholicism. Yesterday, Lindsey's study focused on what constitutes a valid, obedient baptism. We rejoiced that Rachel was baptized into Christ! She needs your prayers because Tuesday she will travel to Moshi (an hour away) to enroll in a private Catholic school (the students are not allowed off campus but are expected to attend the Catholic services on Sundays). Most Tanzanians do not get the opportunity to attend a private school. She was given the chance due to her aunts' influence (so it's not something she wants to give up). The plan is for the local preacher to contact the school and request special permission for her to attend the church services in Moshi. (By the way, Lindsey conducted 50 bible studies with 15 people last year...multiple studies with several).

Congratulations to twelve-year-old Anita Mwakabanje and her parents, Christopher and Julia! Passing her exams with the highest scores in the nation (in Math and English), she was selected to join Moshi Technical Secondary School (the government will subsidize most of the cost).

This Saturday, all the Kisongo teen girls have been invited to our house. Abigail will lead them in a discussion of the importance of Bible study and prayer. Of course, where there are teen girls there must be food and games. Abigail hopes to plan several more before leaving on furlough.

This weeks' spotlights shines on: J.W. and Jackie Gee (Jimmy’s parents), two of our most dedicated supporters! To try to list everything they do (from errand running, to mailing important papers, and numerous other tasks Jimmy asks of them) would be impossible! We appreciate all the time and effort! Most of all, they (along with Trina's parents) don't put us on a guilt trip for taking their grandchildren 10,000 miles away. They are truly supportive in every sense of the word!

Please pray our TZ children's immigration visas will be completed by late February in order to enter the U.S. and become citizens. Our target date for leaving TZ is April 15th because our summer is filled with some very important ceremonies! Lindsey and Abigail will have a reception celebrating their graduation from high school and from the ACSOP. Our sweet son, Todd (sorry, Todd, Mom had to say it!) graduates from Faulkner in May, Jimmy graduates from Amridge and last, but not least, Todd and Lauren's wedding in May!

We'll be stocking up on Kleenex! Lauren's brother, Jared Kelly, will also be graduating high school. Then there are the birthdays to celebrate: Naomi, Elijah, Trina’s Mom, Heather, Lindsey and Abigail (#18) and Jimmy! Also, the generous brethren at the Huntingdon, TN congregation are giving us an all-expense paid trip to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky!

Thank you for the privilege of working in Tanzania and for the furlough funds sent thus far! 

With Love from Africa,
Jimmy, Trina & family

Posted on January 6, 2013 .