Schools, Mountains, and 30 Prospective Students...

It was a thrill to return to the students and teachers at CBI this fall. After the audacious 2-day journey, Menard greeted us at the small airport in Mbeya. We returned to the mission and immediately were greeted by the faculty and students at CBI. Sunday we went to Uturo. The building was crowded with some of our students and teachers who had been holding a campaign all weekend. That morning two were baptized because of their efforts. 

On the way to church that morning we talked to two of our students who had been invited to hold worship services at the Islamic school down the road. There are four Christian students there and these two CBI students were allowed to have New Testament worship with them in one of the classrooms. 

Ezekiel this next week was asked to grade the district Bible Knowledge exams for the whole district. Our students at the Herring Secondary school passed the exam with over 2/3 making either A’s or B’s.  We also found out this week that Remmy, the CBI English director was asked to provide our students as teachers in many of the area schools to teach Bible on Fridays. We are now organizing these students so they will be able to learn the pure gospel of our Savior every week now. 

Boaz has been taking two students on his motorcycle weekly up the mountain to Nungu where this summer they have had 7 restorations and 9 baptisms. We will have one student from the mountain come to school next year named David, which will further strengthen the work there. 

Xavier has been working in Igawa for the past two months. He is having classes on the weekends teaching the men to preach and lead the worship. He says that his purpose has been “to make the church independent and make every man a leader.”

Classes are keeping all of us busy. I am teaching Church History and Bible Geography. We now have over 12 books that have been printed in Swahili for the classes. Also we are all helping unload the new library books. We had our first faculty meeting this week and the faculty is all working hard in their respective realms. We have over 30 students who have shown an interest in coming next year. The prospective students will be coming to campus in a couple of weeks to be interviewed. The days here are long but ever so rewarding. We are so blessed to be working with the finest students and faculty we have ever known. Please continue to pray for CBI as we prepare the preachers and teachers of Tanzania and Malawi. 

Garry L. Hill
Extension Coordinator
Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on September 30, 2012 .