East Africa Gospel Meeting Is Fruitful...

Dear brethren,

We have not sent this report on time because we were away from Busia as from 6th August 2012 to 15th August, and when we came back we had some problem with power at our home in Busia. 

East Africa Gospel meeting was held in Mwanza. When we were planning to leave for Mwanza, brother Mose Orora a preacher of the church of Christ died on 4th August and was supposed to be buried on 7th August. Moses was a member of Babadogo church of Christ in Nairobi before he joined East Africa School of Biblical Studies in Kampala where he graduated in 2010. From School he decided to go back to his village in Kisii, Kenya and planted a congregation. The congregation was still very young and he was the only person with a Biblical education and for that reason his burial could be taken over by the friendly denominations which would give a bad image for the gospel of our Lord and his church. We requested his family to hold on his burial until we finish the Mwanza gospel meeting so that the team from Nairobi and Uganda would help with the burial. They agreed with us and his body taken to the mortuary until 13th August and we went and buried him on 14th August. 

The meeting in Mwanza went very well. 23 congregations attended from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Congo. In the morning after breakfast we went in groups of 3 to 4 people house to house. The total people who attended were 60 in number. After lunch we went for the seminar in the church building that is from 2 to 4:30 daily and then went outside in the church compound to preach using public address system for whoever could hear. I was the one preaching for four days, from Wednesday to Saturday. 12 people were baptized during these days and many will be, as brother Kusupa Isack and Elias are doing the follow up. 

The next gospel meeting will be in Nyahururu, Kenya on the 12th August 2013 God willing. We pray that more people attend. Continue praying for us so that the gospel meeting continues to be there until Jesus comes again. 

Francis, Margaret, Paul, Susan and Edith Mawa Wechesa

Posted on August 26, 2012 .