Studies In Chandigarh, India

Dear Brother,

Thank you very much for your daily messages and we are encouraged by the things we hear the Lord is doing everywhere. We are doing fine and just last week we completed the first semester of this year.

Our home Bible study program is also being blessed as more people are showing interest in the study. Presently, I have been studying with 5-6 people and some of them are almost ready to obey the Lord. One lady named Manju, telephoned me late one night that she did not take part in the communion where she goes in CNI (a denomination here, full form of it is Church of North India) and she was asked why she did not take part. I will try to clear them on these things this week, but basically I am focusing on their obedience. 

The Lord has provided us a new place to live. Even the rent is high, but it is as per the present market trend. Our rent has increase $160, but the good thing is that it is on the ground floor and I pray that if the owner agrees, I will try to build a baptistry on one side, because we desperately need this.

Our first Wednesday meeting each month is also helpful for the preachers to gather together and share their experiences with each other. The hall where we have meeting is a big one and needs PA system. We have seen a small portable system which can be used for about 150-200 people. It cost us here about $300.

We have lately helped brother Gurpreet, who hails from Ferozepur (Punjab), to buy a sewing machine (he is in a tailoring job) to earn his living and do the work for the Lord as well. 

Our SMS service is stopped for a while because of the high charges by the service provider companies.

BIBLE KI BAAT is being published in Hindi and, after being encouraged by the response, we have increased it to a 4 pages of A4 size. Out of that we keep one page for the English and 3 pages for Hindi. People are appreciative because we are sharing with them the basic Christian principles, which people think they believe, but they have no Biblical support for that. We are trying to share the gospel with as people as we can. 


Posted on July 9, 2012 .