Honduras Campaigns Bear Fruit...

Good evening, brother,

I hope this finds you well with your wife. During this week of the month of July the students have been helping the congregations, and they have also been involved in different evangelistic campaigns. Their presence has been of much help, since there have been positive results.

In the campaign in La Villa de San Francisco there were 18 baptisms and one restoration. In the campaign in Talango there were 14 baptisms. All of the students put into practice the knowledge acquired and achieved as seen through the people who were baptized. At this moment brother Jose Cruz and I are in La Esperanza Intibuca in a campaign. We hope for the same results of the previous campaign.

Upon my return to Danlí, I will send you a personal report for the month of July for each student.  For the moment all are well. We are looking for new prospects for the next years. Here in Intibuca, brother Carlos Herandez has a group of 4 prospects to whom he is sending the books:  What Does the Bible Say? and Biblical Fundamentals.  We hope to have a major group for the next promotion.

Have a good night!

Nery Irías

Posted on July 30, 2012 .