Reaching Out To Denominations...

Nyiveme Church Moves To New Location
A brother donated funds to purchase chairs for Nyiveme congregation. 

On my recent trip to Kpalime, Jean Akli a former student of CBS invited me to see where he is rearing goats and sheep. It had been our plan at CBS to start training the students in vegetable production and animal rearing. The rational behind this idea is to find a source of income for them after they graduate. We shall be appealing to you later for funding to start this project.

Evangelism Seminar Results In One Baptism
I met a new face in service on Sunday, and when I inquired about him, I was told that Daniel was baptized during the recent evangelism seminar held by at CBS.

Two Preaches Left For Noepe and Akepe 
Two of our former students have been asked to handle two of the five new congregations planted recently at Akepe and Noepe. Plans in advance are to have their families join them soon.

Due to increase in electricity tariff, we have increased the allocation for utility from CFA 27.00 to CFA 40.00.

Office Equipment
The photocopy machine at CBS needs to be replaced before the new school year begins on the 20th of August. It is beginning to malfunction, and as a result so much money is being used for its maintenance. I understand several parts have been changed but it is still the same.

Seminar For Denominational Preachers
A group of preachers from the denominational churches in Kpalime have come to request CBS to organize a seminar on any topic for them. They are very curious about how their members were converted when they enrolled at CBS. They want to have a taste of what we fed their boys. We have accepted the request, and as soon as soon school reopens we shall be ready for them.

Reopening Date Rescheduled
The new school year will now begin on 20th August instead of 3rd September.

Willie Gley

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Posted on July 22, 2012 .