Increase Is Given In Paraguay...

Furlough Travel and Reporting:

• Andrea and I are still home in the USA and traveling on furlough! It has been absolutely wonderful to see so many of our friends, family, and loved ones! The Lord has blessed us with safe travel and, as of this writing, we have now delivered our report to all of our supporters and friends. We will be returning to South America on June 10. Thank you so very much for all the encouragement and support that you have given us and for the much needed care packages! We humbly ask that you please continue to keep the work in Paraguay in your prayers.

Recent congregational developments and activities:

  • The men of the congregation are considering various options for selling the church property that it now owns. The property has increased more than four times in value in the past few years and provides an opportunity to purchase a different property with enough extra capital to build a meeting facility in a manner more desirable to the church. We are praying that the men make wise decisions and ultimately a facility can be acquired that serves the congregation well. 
  • We are starting a new “Learn English Using the Bible” campaign for the next few months while we have two interns working with us in Asuncion (more about them in the next newsletter). There has been a good response to the advertising. Please pray that these may turn into more Bible studies. 

Recent conversions / identifications / restorations: 

Baptized! Natalia Osorio. She is a close friend of our brother, Enrique Albera, who introduced her to the church a few months ago. After studying with various members and the missionaries, she decided to heed to the Gospel call of salvation. Praise God!

Baptized! Ivanna Ortiz. She is the daughter of Mabel Ortiz who came to us through our “Learn English Using the Bible” program last year. Mabel was baptized this past April. Ivanna wanted to start studying, so, Brittnea began working with her. Now, she is our sister in Christ!

Troy Spradlin

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Posted on June 10, 2012 .