Church Is Assisted By Students...

Yesterday, brethren Luis Camacho and Jerry Bates accompanied us in the evangelism and were able to have a panorama of Danli and of the people. Below is a report about the activities of students at BIH.

Jose Cruz is helping the church at El Zarzal, the congregation where the school is located. He helps with the songs and the preaching. Also, on Sundays he gives classes to the people. Saturday, he went with me and gave a Bible study. 

Jose Antonio is helping brother Oscar at El Empalme de trojes. He is evangelizing each Saturday and helps with the singing and preaching. 

Jairo Irias is helping the congregation at El Zarzal. He is going each Wednesday with Jose Cruz and Jose Antonio to preach the gospel at a place called Los Robles. Saturday he went with Luis Camacho and Jerry to Los Robles to give a Bible study to a contact. 

Enrique Figueroa is helping the church at Coyolar. On Saturday he leaves together with the preacher to preach the gospel and they have realized four baptisms, one wedding, and he is helping the preacher with the singing and preaching.

Porfirio Gonzalez is preaching in the church at El Carmen. There he helps the local preacher in evangelism. Also, he visits the church of Christ in La Union and helps brother Yoni (his son and a graduate of IBH) in the preaching and the evangelism.

Gustavo Reyes is helping the church in Cuyali. Saturdays he is going to a school to take classes in mechanics. When he leaves there he visits brethren and Sundays he helps the preacher there whether in singing or in preaching. His wife is pregnant and he is very happy.

Everything is very well and the brethren are very motivated. 

God bless

Posted on May 20, 2012 .