Mission Property Catches Fire...

Wagner Family Tidbits
We welcomed Chad's mom and dad (baba and mimi) to Tanzania recently. They came to see the mission as well as visit with grandkids. Chad's dad, John, has started working around the mission helping in the shop, around the house, etc. Chad's mom, Linda, has started helping with handing out quilts, etc. We also took them to the local market.

Rena has been busy homeschooling the children. However, we didn't receive all of the school books until recently so we've been playing 'catch up' on our home school work.   

Chimala Bible Institute
Chad has been teaching "Isaiah" at the Chimala Bible Institute to the first year English class. Their final exams are next week. We also had over 15 prospective students on Friday for interviews. We are looking at adding in 28-30 new students in January. One of our biggest years ever!

Garry Hill (Dean of CBI), Boaz Kasiba, and Ezekiel Harrison traveled to the Arusha Leadership Conference. They report that they learned a lot and also make some more good contacts. 

Preaching the Gospel
Last Sunday, we traveled to the Forest Church of Christ in Mbeya. It is a good congregation with a great location. It was a blessing to be able to visit with them and preach God's Word.  

That Sunday PM, we went to the Chimala A church of Christ because we have heard that they are getting ready to do some building. We visited the church to see that they have bold and great plans for the congregation. They are going to build a bigger auditorium and convert their existing auditorium into classrooms.  

Today, we went to the Kapunga Church of Christ. It was an interesting drive into the bush but there were great rewards when we arrived and had a good worship with the congregation. Chad preached on the Letter to the church at Philadelphia and how it can encourage small churches today.  

Finally today, we also attended the Chosi A congregation. Chad preached on Sharing the Gospel from Romans 10. We also learned that the congregation had a new brother in Christ with one baptism today. 

As it goes in the western US, there are fires here at the mission on a regular basis. The conditions here now are hot and very dry. In fact, it is towards the end of the dry season and it has rained twice in the last 8 months. So, as you can imagine, the conditions here are ripe for fire. In fact, as I write these words, the mountain behind the mission is on fire. Recently, we had the mission property catch fire. We have built in fire lanes, but this fire was started behind the fire lanes on the mission side. We had to call in all of the estate workers as well as our CBI students and teachers to fight the fire, but with good humor, hot work and a lot of movement, we were able to cut another fire lane. 

Chad Wagner

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Posted on October 21, 2012 .