Flooding In Siem Reap...

Greeting from Cambodia,

I hope this message will find you doing great for our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, I hope you know some about the flood in Siem Reap recently. Now it seems to be down a little, but it is usual when the water goes down for a while then it comes back much more. We hope this time the water will not come back any more.

Also, when the flood came it destroyed our road to the school building. I left my car at school for a while during the flood, because my house was flooding. Now it's stuck there because the local authorities cut off our road. But, we are thankful to the love of the brethren from Bear Valley such as brother Wes Autrey, Sharon, Kathy, Sheryl, Rachel, and Dale that through them we can have a material to build our bridge. We just got the material this morning and we will repair our bridge this afternoon.

We also appreciate to them as they sacrificed their time, to leave their families and friends to travel a very long way to come to Cambodia try help us build our faith.

We all cried again just before they left us. It's hard for us to say goodbye to especially the ones that we love, but we do hope that we will meet them again, if not on this earth then in heaven. More sadly to us is our brother Phanat Ouch also left us to America. We know that he will go there for a while. Anyway, we still miss him as well.

I also have some pictures concerning the material to build the bridge just after I got the funds which were sent from Bear Valley. 

Keep us in your prayer.

Posted on October 23, 2011 .