Denver Academic Programs

Our academic programs are designed to prepare our students for full-time ministry. The two-year Preaching program is our main program and offers the student 148 credit hours of college level material in just two years. The Women's Certificate program is focused on training our student wives to work in ministry with their husbands. These two programs help lay the foundation for a strong ministry team.

Our Master's programs offer preachers the opportunity to enhance their ministry by continuing their education in Biblical studies. This program can be complete without moving to Denver while you continue in your current ministry.

The Master's in Missions program offers classes focused on mission work as well as the ability to work a one year internship in a foreign location with one of our Extension Schools.

Select the Program that Best Fits Your Needs:

Two Year

Our two year Preaching program prepares you for full-time ministry. With over 900 classroom hours in Bible you don't learn sociology or psychology, you learn the Bible.


This evening program is designed for all women, but especially our student wives. Classes help create a foundation for a strong women's ministry.


Continue your education while staying in your current ministry. Many classes can be taken where you are and Blitz Weeks fill in the rest. Get your Master's degree now.

Future Preacher's Training Camp

In addition to our academic programs, each June we hold a Future Preacher's Training Camp for young men ages 13-18 who are interested in learning to preach. This is one of the longest running camps of its kind in the Brotherhood. Check out the details here.

JUNE 2019